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29 April 2012 @ 08:14 pm
LJ seems less and less used lately, so we've expanded to both the tumblr and twitter platforms! We'll try to maintain those simultaneously with our community here, so follow us wherever it's most convenient for you!

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17 April 2012 @ 07:36 am
On Monday, two new bands were revealed at Secret Sign's event at Sendai Hook.

First up: C.P.U.!

Vo: トキ -Toki- (ex. the CODE.)
Gu: 良乃 -Ryono- (formerly Yuki, ex. the CODE.)
Ba: 七海 -Nanami-
Dr: Shun
OHP: http://cpuofficial.web.fc2.com/

member profilesCollapse )

And second, Aiglare! While they don't have an OHP up yet so I can't reveal photos, I CAN tell you the lineup (which is GREAT news for ACTWEED fans):
Vo: 零司 -Reyji- (ex-ACTWEED)
Gu: 泉 -Izumi- (ex-ACTWEED
Ba: しゅ- -Syu-
Dr: キラ -Kira-

Once more information is available I'll be sure to update you! But, Aiglare is already signed up for a Tohoku coupling tour with XIBALBA and Varbarossa this summer. More details can be found here!
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27 March 2012 @ 10:32 am
As the subject says, Varbarossa has lost their drummer, Aki. The following was posted on their OHP:

Thank you for always supporting Varbarossa.
It's sudden but on this occasion, due to a difference in direction, today Aki has left Varbarossa.
This has been a result of various discussions between the members and staff.
For activity from hereon, Varbarossa plans to urgently add a support member and continue as planned.
To the fans and staff who support us, we apologize for the sudden announcement.
Please continue to support Varbarossa from here on.

2012.03.27 Varbarossa all members

Aki's blog is gone, but Nozomi posted the following comment from Aki in his blog and said it will later go on the OHP:

I'm sorry for the sudden surprising announcement.

Now, my outlooks and objectives for my musical future have changed a bit, and as a result of talks with the members, it's been decided that I'm leaving Varbarossa.

For the roughly 1 year I've been a member, it's been a valuable expierence for me, and I'm grateful to Rui, Nozomi and Koto.

We'll walk separate paths from now on, but I'll do my best to go towards my dreams.

It's likely that I'll perform again so at that time please come out to meet me with warmth(・ω・)
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29 February 2012 @ 10:17 am
ORTH†eRGE has announced that they will disband after their oneman live on May 26th at Morioka Club Change WAVE. No reason has been given, but they plan to do a final tour before their final oneman, and apologize to everyone who has supported them up til now.
29 February 2012 @ 09:42 am
Varbarossa updated their OHP today with pictures of their brand new look, as well as news of a new single and spring tour! The single, titled Awake, will be released on May 16th, and the tour details will be announced soon. The band starts back up live activities after a 2 month long live hiatus today in Niigata.

Also, if you haven't, be sure to get their new towel and stickers from the neoAngelix web shop, now shipping overseas! This afternoon I'll post a complete ordering guide. They're quick and friendly, so I highly recommend ordering from them!
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29 February 2012 @ 09:36 am
Mako announced in his blog that as of February 27th, he's taking a break from Wedday. His post suggests that he's done doing it alone, and that he'll resume once he's able to stand on stage with others again. He has no formal plans as of yet, but says he'll return once he finds those who will join him. I get the feeling from his post that he has every intention of returning with a better, stronger Wedday when the timing is right.

For now, I believe he still plans to continue doing SECRET SIGN with Katagily and Kana. I'll update if/when there's more news!
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29 February 2012 @ 09:32 am
MiD DERACINE have announced their 4th maxi single, MIDNIGHT IS DEAD., to be released this spring. I have a feeling it will come around the time of their third anniversary event on 05.22 at SENDAI MACANA. More info to come!
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06 December 2011 @ 07:30 am
To all who support starless, thank you.
As a result of discussions between the members about the trend of starless' activities, after the current planned schedule, starless' activity will end, and it has been decided will disband.
To all the fans who supported us, the staff, and those who acknowledged us, we want to offer a heartfelt apology.

hajime Yuki Fumito hayato

This places their last live on 12.26 at Sendai Hook.
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01 December 2011 @ 09:43 am
Takuma's blog is already gone, but Aryu posted a message from him regarding his withdrawl.

Yaa, babies and gentlemen good evening...

There's no excuse for this sudden happening.
I'm terribly sorry...

A few words?...

That reminds me, it's been two years since XIBALBA's first live.
We were in beta mode, and a lot has happened in these two years.

It was fun when songs came together, and it was good I was able to see a lot of places doing lives.

At any rate, as for the reason I disappeared from XIBALBA, it's so that they can do their best.

thank you everyone for everything up until now, I'm very sorry.

I can't think of anything else.

It's the lowest kind of bad isn't it.

Well then...
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30 November 2011 @ 09:17 pm
【TAKUMA's withdrawl notice】
We're deeply sorry for the sudden announcement.
As a result of talks between all the members,
it has been decided that Guitar TAKUMA will leave the band.
After this the remaining members will do their best on his part to continue activities, so we'd be happy if you continue to support us.

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