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The new band C.P.U. will be releasing their first mini album (still unnamed) on June 5th and will hold an event the same day at Sendai MACANA to celebrate! The CD will contain 4 songs and cost 1,000 yen.Those who reserve for the live with the band will receive a privilege.

C.P.U. First Mini ALBUM Release Commemorative Event 「hajimenma!!」
■2012.06.05 (thur) SENDAI MACANA
【Bands】C.P.U. / Sans of Liberty / DistreZ / Limited / SILK DUZZ FACTORY / Alchemy / CIVIL / 末永遥華 (Haruka Suenaga)
【Time】 open 16:30 / start 17:00
【Cost】Advance/Reserved ¥2,000 / Day of ¥2,500 +1drink¥500

C.P.U. Official Homepage

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01 May 2012 @ 07:34 am

XIBALBA renewed their homepage today, moving it to a new URL and updating with a new look and announcement of their third single! Titled 「 the guilty party 」, it contains 4 songs and costs 1,575 yen. Each copy comes with one of 4 random photos.

「 the guilty party 」

2012.06.06 RELEASE
3.withered world 

Cost:¥1,575(tax. in)  NACL-002 Limited Quantities
Where to buy: Live goods table, Sendai little HEARTS., neoAngelix webshop

XIBALBA official homepage

Member profiles are below!

Member ProfilesCollapse )

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30 April 2012 @ 08:27 pm

Fans of the band ACTWEED, which disbanded last October, will be pleased by one of the newest Sendai bands to pop up: Aiglare! Comprised of three ex-ACTWEED members (Reyji, SAKAE, and Izumi), Aiglare started secret activities on April 16th at Sendai HooK.There are no releases planned just yet, but they are already signed up for a summer coupling tour with Varbarossa and XIBALBA, which we wrote about here.

Aiglare Official Homepage

Member profiles are below!

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Varbarossa unleashed lots of new info today, the main point being a brand new look and member! Their new drummer’s name is カナ (Kana) who some might recognize from his solo work, or from Secret Sign.

They also released the cover and tracklisting for their upcoming single, Awake, due out May 16th. Each copy comes with a limited artist photo (random, one of four pictures).


2012.05.16 RELEASE
3. ike♂ike♀bangya[r]ish
4. Chrono trip
Cost:¥1,575(tax in) Product :NACL-001

《Where to buy》LIVE goods table / Sendai Little Hearts. / Niigata RISKY DRUG STORE
《Mail-order》neoAngelix web shop

Varbarossa Official Homepage

Individual member photos and member profiles are below!
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30 April 2012 @ 08:18 pm
Katagily linked to two youtube videos from Latzel GateZ’s one day revival live back on April 16th. Enjoy!

-Impure discipline in this blackbox-

-Vindárfr echo-

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The new Sendai band Cross hearT has announced a sponsored event to commemorate the release of their first single!

Since we haven’t introduced them yet, here’s more information on Cross hearT

●Cross hearT●
Vo、一樹 (Kazuki)
Gt、イチル (Ichiru)
Ba、優紀 (Yuki)
Dr、リュウジ (Ryuuji)

They state their concept is 「Emotional smily rock」, as in no matter what mood you’re in, they want you to be able to listen to them and become happy.

While there are no details yet available about the single itself, the live will take place on May 31st at Sendai HooK.

CrosshearT Single Release Commemorative Live 『LIVE ∀ LIVE』
■2012.05.31 (thur) SENDAI HooK
【Bands】Cross hearT / AMARANYX / Aiglare / Art.s. Note / Alchemy / Dis+reZ / and more…
【Time】 open 17:00 / start 17:30
【Cost】Advance/Reserved ¥2,000 / Day of ¥2,500 +1drink¥500

Cross hearT’s official site can be found below

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30 April 2012 @ 08:11 pm

Note will start selling their 2nd single titled 『Sweet rain』at their 06.23 live! It will only cost 500 yen, but so far it seems that it will be live-only.

『Sweet rain』
NOT-003 2012/6/23
M-1 Sweet rain
M-2 BLOOM of life

Note OHP

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Note and DISTREZ have announced a two-day coupling sponsored event titled【absolute sanctuary】! The lives will take place in Morioka and Akita (Note being from Morioka and DISTREZ from Akita). Details are below.

■2012.06.23 (sat) Morioka Club Change
【Bands】Note / DISTREZ / Mirage / JigsaW. / Dubeer / secret
【Time】 open 16:00 / start 16:30
【Cost】Advance/Reserved ¥1,500 / Day of ¥2,000  +1drink¥500

■2012.06.24 (sun) Akita Club SWINDLE
【Bands】DISTREZ / Note / C.P.U / Cross hearT / Mirage / JigsaW.
【Time】 open (undecided) / start (undecided)
【Cost】Advance/Reserved ¥2,000 / Day of ¥2,500  +1drink¥500

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30 April 2012 @ 10:38 am

Just after the coupling tour, there will be another tour, this one called REAL SPARK ~Tohoku summer circuit~. The lineup for all stops will be ギルド (Guild) / GAKIDO / XIBALBA / Varbarossa. Dates and info are below.

【Bands】ギルド / GAKIDO / XIBALBA / Varbarossa
【Time】open17:00 / start17:30
【Cost】Advance/Reserved ¥2,800 / Day of ¥3,300

■07.18(wed) Yamagata session
■07.20 (fri) AkitaClub SWINDLE
■07.21 (sat) MoriokaCLUB CHANGE
■07.22 (mon) Aomori SUNSHINE
■07.24 (tues) Koriyama CLUB #9
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